Nicola Codes

Getting Started with Notion

About a year ago, a coworker recommended a productivity app to me. I was already using all kinds of productivity apps that hadn't actually manifested in any increased productivity, so I ignored him. However, yesterday he was vindicated, because I decided to actually give the one he recommended a...

Deployment Debugging with Netlify, NextJS and Prismic

I finally started making a new site! I was really excited with the combination of, nextjs and netlify. However, as is tradition, I first had to overcome some build failures. 0. The Process I used this introduction to next & prismic tutorial to get started - you may in fact notice it...

Debugging Wordpress SQL Import Errors

Every once in a while you find yourself doing something weird - in my case, trying to debug SQL import errors. I wrote this trial up for posterity and in case I would ever struggle with this again.

Change your website's text highlight colour

Ever been to a website and noticed the highlight color was different from the standard blue highlight? Here's how they did it.